Grid Azura 2000 Blank Canvas

$79.00 $140.00

Just as the name suggests, the Blank Canvas pack is partially made from undyed hemp canvas, making it just about as real as it gets. Featuring two of the brand’s most technical shoes, the Grid Azura 2000 and the 3D Grid Hurricane, the Blank Canvas pack is proof that, sometimes, less really is more. These unisex shoes have a premium feel, complete with nubuck overlays, undyed hemp canvas in the quarter, and a gum rubber outsole.

The Blank Canvas pack takes its inspiration from a painter’s blank canvas, allowing plenty of opportunities for creative expression. Our promotional video brings the story to life with a painter using neutral, barely-there hues to create brushstrokes on a canvas, alluding to less dye within the shoes. The creative freedom that a blank canvas inspires is just what the Blank Canvas pack evokes, with two iconic shoes and endless styling opportunities.

The Blank Canvas Grid Azura 2000 ensures there’s no compromise on style or innovation: They’re naturally good-looking sneakers.


Sizes listed are men's.

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